Coming soon: More glow for v0.75

So for I’ve added in a bloom effect to give projectiles and some other effects a bit of eye-candy in the next version of Carrier Squadron.  The lasers also have additive blending now, which can be seen in the screenshots below.




Since this is a shader-based effect, there are differences in appearance between the desktop and Android versions of the game – even between different Android devices!  So to compensate, I had to split the original shader scripts used between the two platforms while adding in additional parameters to further adjust luminance/saturation.  there will be a bloom/glow adjustment setting in-game, with an option to turn it off for older devices.


Online profiles, and another update

I’ve also added rudimentary support for online profiles – as folks play their saves will be linked in the Top 50.  The stats are straight from the online saves.  Don’t worry about others importing your profile, as they’re not referenced by import code.  The biggest hurdle was getting the website to generate custom carrier graphics like these (all based on actual players in the top 50):


So I should have the next version (v0.74) uploaded today.  Some bugfixes:

  • Corrected crashes in the applet version under Windows 7
  • Added button backgrounds behind touchable UI elements
  • Corrected some carrier health glitches
  • Increased enemy firepower in normal mode
  • Corrected some small, unexpected null pointer problems


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Carrier Squadron v0.73 released…

It’s out! Look for it on Google Play, SlideME and (whenever they approve it) Amazon.  Everything’s linked over here, there’s even an APK for you sideloaders out there.

Since the first release of Carrier Squadron over a month ago, there have been over twenty-three thousand Challenge Mode matches held online…and over 2,200 of them happened today!  For a little game like this, I think it’s pretty awesome.

Carrier Squadon v0.73 in the works…

Coming up in the next release:

  • Two new types of stages (asteroids and pylons)
  • Proper multitouch
  • In-game Challenge rankings
  • Bugfixes!


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Carrier Squadron v0.72

I normally don’t do this over a single issue, but I’m pushing out an update to address the malfunctioning local save problem.  Please note that if you want to change the colors of your profile back to where you had them, you’ll need to create a new game with the same name – your Challenge mode win/loss record and bonus upgrade points are maintained on the server and should remain the same.

Once the update is live on GP and SAM your game will let you know in the main menu.

A sincere thanks to all those who contacted us regarding this issue, and I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for our players.


v0.71 Posted

Updated on GP, SAM and here.  Just a few bugfixes:

  • “Black Carrier” on starting the tutorial on a fresh install
  • Tweaked the name input dialogs (Applet/Android)
  • Tamed an extra beepy menu item
  • Removed a glitch that allowed for unlimited (!) fighters
I’m going to bed…