Carrier Squadron v0.73 released…

It’s out! Look for it on Google Play, SlideME and (whenever they approve it) Amazon.  Everything’s linked over here, there’s even an APK for you sideloaders out there.

Since the first release of Carrier Squadron over a month ago, there have been over twenty-three thousand Challenge Mode matches held online…and over 2,200 of them happened today!  For a little game like this, I think it’s pretty awesome.


Carrier Squadron v0.72

I normally don’t do this over a single issue, but I’m pushing out an update to address the malfunctioning local save problem.  Please note that if you want to change the colors of your profile back to where you had them, you’ll need to create a new game with the same name – your Challenge mode win/loss record and bonus upgrade points are maintained on the server and should remain the same.

Once the update is live on GP and SAM your game will let you know in the main menu.

A sincere thanks to all those who contacted us regarding this issue, and I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for our players.

v0.71 Posted

Updated on GP, SAM and here.  Just a few bugfixes:

  • “Black Carrier” on starting the tutorial on a fresh install
  • Tweaked the name input dialogs (Applet/Android)
  • Tamed an extra beepy menu item
  • Removed a glitch that allowed for unlimited (!) fighters
I’m going to bed…

Carrier Squadron 0.03T posted

Some changes and additions…

  • Carrier now has forward shields.  This is boosted by the Carrier Defense stat.
  • Bosses are now significantly tougher at higher levels.
  • Drive glow behind the carriers and fighters.
  • Better dynamic coloring of enemies.