Online profiles, and another update

I’ve also added rudimentary support for online profiles – as folks play their saves will be linked in the Top 50.  The stats are straight from the online saves.  Don’t worry about others importing your profile, as they’re not referenced by import code.  The biggest hurdle was getting the website to generate custom carrier graphics like these (all based on actual players in the top 50):


So I should have the next version (v0.74) uploaded today.  Some bugfixes:

  • Corrected crashes in the applet version under Windows 7
  • Added button backgrounds behind touchable UI elements
  • Corrected some carrier health glitches
  • Increased enemy firepower in normal mode
  • Corrected some small, unexpected null pointer problems


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Carrier Squadon v0.73 in the works…

Coming up in the next release:

  • Two new types of stages (asteroids and pylons)
  • Proper multitouch
  • In-game Challenge rankings
  • Bugfixes!


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Introducing Carrier Squadron


That’s right, I’m here with another game.  Carrier Squadron is a  swarming shoot-em-up with a defense element.  Launch your fighters, and tap where you want them to focus fire.  The spastic little guys will be more than happy to cut your enemies to shreds!

It’s still very much a work in progress, but now in a state where it’s playable. The APK is linked below, the applet version is coming soon  available to play on this page!



Progress on Drillbot 0.91

There were a few things I left out from 0.9B, mainly because my focus there was on bugfixes and getting a browser-playable version of the game done. Now that’s out of the way, I’m adding in ice, fire and hard levels.  Notice the block arrangements here; one false move and you’ll have to restart.  Also note that the badguys shoot at you now.  It’s much more exciting and it should be out this week.



…to the online home of my forays into game programming and other such strange nonsense. As you can see, there isn’t a whole lot here yet. We’re working to fix that, as evidenced by my flash expertise:

Oh yeah. Forgot about the games. Give DrillBot a try, will ya?