Carrier Squadron (v0.74)

Play in browser (opens new window, Sun Java required)

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Spacebar – Launch fighter
  • Backspace – Recall fighter
  • Enter – Activate special

On Google Play and Amazon Appstore

If you cannot download the game from one of the above sources (please do, if you can), the APK can be found here.

  • Direct over a dozen fighters as they swarm to protect your carrier against hordes of enemies!
  • Custom stat upgrades for both fighters and carrier.
  • Fighters gain experience…provided they survive.
  • Random stages and bosses are never the same twice!
  • Move your fleet anywhere with online saves!
  • Battle other carriers in Challenge mode!

This game is undergoing active development, so check back for updates! Please direct any comments or questions to


This game requires an Android 2.2+ device or a modern browser with the Sun Java RE.

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3 Responses to “Carrier Squadron (v0.74)”

  1. vyrnix says:

    Where is the apk?

  2. admin says:

    My bad. Beta APK link posted for you Kindle Fire sideloaders…once Amazon Appstore approves it I’ll post that link too.

  3. Justin says:

    I love this game! Can’t wait till it’s out of beta. Good job.

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